Former members of British pop bands FIVE, ANOTHER LEVEL, Steps and S Club 7 are so cash-strapped they're selling their autographs at inflated prices. Bradley MACintosh of S Club 7, Lisa Scott Lee of Steps, and Another Level's Dane Bowers were among the fallen stars who teamed up for a celebrity meet-and-greet with former fans in Milton Keynes, England, at the weekend (28-29Jul07). But the venture proved a huge flop - with less than 100 people in attendance - and most balked at the GBP10 ($20) price tag for a snapshot and an additional GBP10 for a signature. Despite promotion company MusicMania's promise of "the incredible buzz of getting to know your favourite music idols from the last three decades", former pop hunks Five were forced to offer a reduction on their merchandise, promising GBP20 ($40) for all three bandmembers' autographs.