Film producer Stephen Woolley has blown apart the general belief that tragic Rolling Stones rocker Brian Jones drowned accidentally, by claiming he was the victim of a murder.

Woolley was determined to find out the truth about the star's untimely demise for his new movie STONED - and tracked down a woman who was present at the scene of the 1969 incident.

Although the 48-year-old film-maker refuses to name her, she is believed to be JANET LAWSON, a nurse who, curiously, was never interviewed by detectives.

The movie, which was screened yesterday (14MAY05) at Cannes Film Festival, suggests the Rolling Stone's resident handyman FRANK THOROGOOD had a part in the mysterious death.

Jones was found dead in the swimming pool outside his Sussex, England, home in 1969 just weeks after his spiralling drug abuse led him to be sacked by the JUMPIN' JACK FLASH rockers.

15/05/2005 09:42