Stephen Woolley believes late ROLLING STONE BRIAN JONES was murdered - but he insists his body should be left to rest in peace.

The British director has just filmed a new biopic about the guitarist's life and is convinced Jones was drowned by his builder, but says re-examining the body would not uncover any fresh evidence.

And he is certain it would cause the star's family unnecessary pain.

Wooley says, "No - I don't believe Brian's body should be dug up.

"I have come across some of the theories why it should be exhumed but I don't think there's enough evidence. It would be pointless.

"I think he was drowned in his pool but, evidence-wise, I don't think there's anything to find.

"Plus you have to think about the family. I have no idea of the religious beliefs of the surviving members of Brian Jones's family, or whether they'd find it upsetting - but it's an argument against it."