ROLLING STONE BRIAN JONES' mysterious death may be re-investigated following allegations from film-maker Stephen Woolley the troubled rocker was murdered.

The late guitarist was found dead in his swimming pool in 1969, and his tragic demise was believed to be the result of a drink and drugs binge.

But Woolley, who directed Jones biopic STONED, uncovered new evidence when nurse JANET LAWSON, who was present on the night of Jones' death, claimed builder FRANK THOROGOOD murdered him.

He says, "I spent 12 years researching and found the nurse, Janet Lawson. Janet had never spoken since Brian's death, not even to the police.

"One day, in a fit of anger, he (Thorogood) pushed Jones under the water. That is what I believe happened and that is what the film shows."

Allegedly, the builder was furious on discovering his girlfriend had paraded round the house naked for the rocker.

According to Woolley, Thorogood even confessed to the crime on his deathbed in 1993, saying, "It was me that did Brian. I just finally snapped."