So here's an odd one, Stephen Mangan of 'The Green Wing' and more recently 'Episodes' fame has been snapped heavily pregnant and giving birth! Fear not though, this isn't some sort of re-make of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito's 'Junior' - although for some reason that is happening next year - it's just a play in which the comic actor is wearing a prosthetic stomach for his new role as a pregnant man at the Royal Court Theatre in London. Oh, so quite like 'Junior' then.
The UK's Daily Mail newspaper reports that Mangan appears alongside Lisa Dillon in the play, called 'Birthday', and play the couple Ed and Lisa who are going through the last few hours before their second baby is born. However, in a twist - which surely you've guessed - it is Ed who is pregnant! The story goes that Ed is having the second child after the first left his wife psychologically damaged and is an exploration of whether men can handle the pain or if it's actually all a myth.
The story has echoes of real life transgender Thomas Beattie, from Arizona, who made headlines four years ago when he got pregnant - and subsequently had three children. There is a famous picture of him posing in 2007 heavily pregnant but with facial hair; appearing on Oprah Winfrey's show he told her that having children was his "dream".