Rocker Stephen Malkmus has no plans to reunite cult indie act PAVEMENT in the immediate future, insisting he would never "cheat" on his current band THE JICKS. His statement ends months of speculation and rumours of Pavement festival dates this summer (08). Malkmus, hasn't played with Pavement since the group split in 1999, and, although he remains friends with his former bandmates, Malkmus wants to push forward with his current band. But he admits he often wonders about how successful a Pavement reunion tour would be. He says, "We're on fine terms, we don't have any plans to reform yet. We haven't talked about sincerely doing that. "I'm 1000 per cent committed to the people I'm working with now. I would never cheat on them and go and do Pavement, it's not on the cards. "But who knows? Maybe it would be a good thing to do, maybe it'll feel right one day. I don't really ever think about it, except when I do interviews. "It piques my interest to think that people might be into it or might really care, maybe it would be interesting to see how many Pavement fans there really are."