Horror writer Stephen King has been using his new weekly column in top American showbiz magazine Entertainment Weekly to attack singer Celine Dion.

The editors of the mag asked the CARRIE writer to pen a weekly comment piece on modern pop culture after they were thrilled with the witty review of Harry Potter AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX he wrote for them in May (03).

The prolific writer happily took advantage of the opportunity to vent his rage about Canadian songbird Celine, and informed fans they'd be hearing more of his hatred of the MY HEART WILL GO ON warbler in forthcoming columns.

He writes, "If you like Celine Dion, you should write or email the editors of this magazine and tell them that on no account should they hire Steve King to write commentaries, because Steve King thinks WHO LET THE DOGS OUT (by the BAHA MEN) is better than all the songs Ms Dion has recorded, put together."

King ends the first column he has written since college by insisting his weekly words will be provocative: "I will not be cute, dismissive, patronising, or indulgent. I hope I make you angry."

04/08/2003 17:46