Film supremoes Warner Brothers have let it be known that they're in the foetal stages of a potential prequel to Stephen King's The Shining. The film company, who are responsible for the Stanley Kubrick directed 1980 adaptation, have been keen to stress that regardless of any existing talk, they are still very much in the earliest stages of any potential work.
That said, it looks as though some names have been attached to the project already, with writer/producer Laeta Kalogridis, of Shutter Island fame, supposedly working alongside Bradley Fischer (Black Swan) and James Vanderbilt (Zodiac) believed to be working on a potential story that the prequel could take, according to Empire Magazine.
There's little end as to where the film could go, with former caretaker Grady being mentioned at numerous times throughout the first film, as he was responsible for chopping up his daughters with an axe. It could also tell about the history of the hotel (build on an Indian burial ground) or the photo seen at the end of the film.
Meanwhile, King is working on a sequel to his book titled Dr Sleep, which follows the gifted Danny Torrance some time after the events that take place in The Shining. Apparently the book is said to revolve around Danny and a tribe of vampire-like immortals called The True Knot, who feed off the energy of children with the same gift Danny possesses.