Stephen King's classic horror novel It is set for the big screen in a new Warner Bros adaptation, it has been announced.

The 1986 book, which tells of a group of adults reuniting to battle the evil being who terrorized them as children in the guise of a clown, will be adapted by The Invasion screenwriter Dave Kajganich.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kajganich - who is also writing the film remake of King's Pet Semetary - will set the novel in the present day, instead of its original 1985 grounding.

The book, at over 1,100 pages, has been widely considered unfilmable, and though it has been adapted once before, Tommy Lee Wallace's 1990 version was in the form of a miniseries for ABC.

British actor Tim Curry starred as the sadistic clown Pennywise in the TV version, which also featured John Ritter, Harry Anderson and Tim Reid.

In King's novel, a group of youngsters, who have dubbed themselves the Losers' Club, are targeted by the evil of It, who resurfaces for vengeance more than 25 years later.

Lin Pictures and Vertigo Entertainment are to produce the new version for Warner Brothers.

13/03/2009 09:47:53