JANE HAWKING's book about the turbulent years of her romance with astrophysics genius and A Brief History of Time author Stephen Hawking is being turned into a movie.

Bosses at Hollywood's Film And Music Entertainment Inc have acquired the film rights to MUSIC TO MOVE THE STARS and now hope the story will become an Oscar-worthy epic.

The book centres on how the couple met in England at Oxford University, their marriage, Stephen's rise to fame and physical decline, Jane's unselfish dedication and support and their subsequent divorce.

The film adaptation, which will be produced by John Daly, is expected to be titled THEORY OF EVERYTHING.

A spokesman for the project insists no decisions about casting will be made until a script has been completed, but producer Daly has some ideas.

He says, "The young Stephen Hawking will have to be played by a 20-year-old young man who can carry off becoming a genius at Oxford. It will be an incredibly challenging piece.

"Perhaps Gary Oldman would be well cast to play the older Hawking."

The film is scheduled to start shooting late next year (06).