Physicist Stephen Hawking is to hit the big screen in a film adaptation of his legendary book, A Brief History of Time. BEYOND THE HORIZON, which will be shown in 3D, is based on the professor's ideas on the origins of the universe - and is billed as "Groundhog Day meets Star Trek". The movie will see Hawking star alongside 24 actress LINA PATEL, who will play a religious affairs correspondent working for a British newspaper. Writer LEONARD MLODINOW, a physicist and a former writer on Star Trek who is working with Hawking on the project, hopes the film will help Hawking's theories appeal to a much wider audience thanks to state-of-the-art graphics and its similarities to the popular sci-fi TV show. He says, "It will be like Groundhog Day meets Star Trek. "In the end we leave it as ambiguous whether it was all a dream or reality... but what we do show is how much scientists have developed their view of the universe over the past 100 years."