Stephen Graham and Leonardo Dicaprio are ''like brothers''.

The British actor forged a friendship with the Hollywood superstar when they worked on 'Gangs of New York' together and they enjoy doing ''normal'' things together.

Stephen said: ''He's a true mate, we're like brothers. When I see him we just do normal things - I might go round to his and have Chinese, or we went to the pictures one time.

''We pulled our caps down so people wouldn't notice.''

However, Stephen didn't have much success when he tried to get the 'Great Gatsby' star interested in his favourite sport, soccer, as the actor couldn't understand why his friend got so excited when his team weren't even winning.

He added to FHM Collections magazine: ''I tried to get him to watch Liverpool and he lasted about 2- minutes. He couldn't understand that I was excited because it was a 1-1 draw.''