Actor Stephen Fry enjoyed a hair-raising break from filming The Hobbit in New Zealand by taking part in two terrifying bungee jumps.
The British funnyman headed Down Under to shoot scenes for his role as Master of Laketown in Peter Jackson's two-part epic, and he went to a bridge over a river near Queenstown on Friday (23Mar12) to carry out a daring 141-feet (34-metre) plunge - for fun.
Fry was attached to a bungee and strapped to two female instructors for the leap, before returning to the bridge and performing a solo jump.
In a series of posts on he shared his joy with fans, writing, "Holy suckmothering A**E! I did it. I c**king did it. Bungy-jumped! Twice! Once solo & once in a Welsh sandwich with 2 AjHackettBungy girls. When I've got better netz (internet), photos of me bungy-jumping will be posted to prove that I have grown a set and am now officially All Man."