British actor Stephen Fry has put his knowledge of gadgets to good use by becoming a technology writer.

The funnyman has penned an article for Britain's The Guardian newspaper about Apple's new iPhones.

In the piece, Fry describes his love of technology and gives a detailed review of the company's latest products.

He writes, "Since January 1984, when I bought my first Apple MACintosh, through the dark late 1980s and mid-90s, when the company had all but three per cent of the personal computer market, I have developed the thickest of skins when it comes to Apple-haters..."

Fry goes on to detail the product specifications for the new iPhone 6 phones and give his verdict on the latest addition to the Apple range, concluding, "It only needs for me to leave with the confident prediction that these phones will prove through sales, as I believe them to be, the best and most beautiful mobile telecom technology ever yet produced. So sue me if if I'm proved wrong. Oh, and, of course, watch this space."