The country is going to the polls to decide whether same-sex unions should be legalised, and several stars took to and to encourage voters to back the constitutional change.

Fry, who married his husband in Britain in January (15), spoke in Gaelic on his U.K. panel show QI, saying, "I want the same happiness that I have found to be afforded to those in Ireland too. Give people a chance to marry, and have their love celebrated."

He later used Twitter to further his point, writing, "I and fellow QI-ers sending a few words of love to our Irish friends as the referendum looms."

Ed Sheeran used Instagram to share his view, writing, "Ireland, make sure you vote yes for marriage equality today please and thank you," while fellow pop star Ellie Goulding wrote on Twitter, "#VoteYes #Equality"

U.S. singer Perri wrote on the microblogging site, "dear irish friends, please #voteyes on friday!!! if i could i would!!!!!!!" and girl group The Saturdays added, "Sending love to our Irish friends today! #VoteYes"

Welsh actor Sheen wrote, "Referendum Friday in Republic of Ireland on gay marriage. Chance to make history and inspire those fighting for equality everywhere... It would be first country in the world to change the law by referendum on this issue."

Dr Who and Sherlock writer Mark Gattis posted, "Come on, Ireland. The world is in a foul mess. Vote for sanity, peace, equality. #VoteYes."