British funnyman Stephen Fry's new film adaptation of EVELYN WAUGH's classic novel VILE BODIES has come under fire from the novelist's grandson.

ALEXANDER WAUGH admits he's none too pleased that PETER'S FRIENDS actor Fry has chosen to change the title to Bright Young Things.

And Alexander is also angered by the decision to alter the novel's ambiguous ending - it originally suggests that some of the characters will not escape the climactic final battle, whereas in Fry's film there is a happy reunion for the lead lovers.

He says, "It's very bizarre. I also thought changing the name was a gross mistake.

"But I take the view that a film is a film and a book is a book. You can make a c*** film out of a good book and people will say, 'What a shame, the book was so good.'"

Bright Young Things, which stars Stephen Campbell Moore, Emily Mortimer, DAN ACKROYD and Simon Callow, is Fry's first stab at directing.

20/08/2003 13:23