Thespian Stephen Fry has rubbished rumours about the sexuality of British royal heir Prince Charles.

Fry, who is openly gay, is a longtime pal of the 54-year-old Prince and a regular visitor to his Highgrove, England, estate - and insists the Prince is heterosexual.

Speaking at the Australian premiere of his new movie Bright Young Things this week (begs10NOV03), 46-year-old Fry fumes, "Believe me, he is not. I mean, I'm a gay man and I know a gay man when I see one.

"I'm not saying I'm 100 per cent accurate but I can say he is not."

"It's pitiful and nonsensical. It makes me very unhappy for him It's cruel. It's horrible. It's an awful thing and awful for his sons."

13/11/2003 16:48