British comic Stephen Fry is determined to slim down his hefty frame before starring as legendary detective SHERLOCK HOLMES.

Fry - who is portraying the famous fictional investigator to rival actor Rupert Everett's Sherlock Holmes project on British TV - is delighted the two screen stars are competing for audiences, because he finds it amusing they're both gay.

However, Fry concedes his version of Holmes will be a more rotund one.

He says, "Two camp Sherlocks - it's too much to imagine isn't it? I'm going to be the fatter one, so I'm going to have to go on a very fast diet in order to lean down to Holmes.

"There's no mention in all of (author SIR ARTHUR) CONAN DOYLE of Holmes being a great wobbly lard a**e, so I'm going to have to get tuned-up in some awful way."

25/06/2004 17:33