Actor Stephen Fry has shattered hopes for the return of classic BBC comedy BLACKADDER - he insists it would be impossible to get the original writers together.

Fry claims the creators of the series, Richard Curtis and Ben Elton, are too busy working on their respective projects - Curtis is famously devoting his time to the high profile Make Poverty History campaign, while funnyman Elton is tied up with writing commitments in Australia.

Fry says, "None of us would want to be in it unless it was written by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton.

"Richard and Ben are usually on different continents. Richard is sorting out poverty and Ben is in Australia writing two sitcoms, 14 novels and seven musicals.

"So the chances of them getting together in a room are pretty remote."

Fry's comments seemingly contradict remarks made by Curtis last month (APR05), when he told reporters, "We'd always said we'd do it, and yes we definitely still want to."

01/05/2005 14:43