British actor and director Stephen Fry has slammed the British movie industry, for only making two types of films.

The gay WILDE star, 47, was disappointed with the critics and box office reaction to his directing debut Bright Young Things last year (03).

Fry says, "British film-making lacks imagination. Everyone is too keen to make sure they pigeonhole the target market, so we only get two types of movies.

"The main character either wakes up in Brixton (south London) to the sound of car alarms and we all think, 'Oh no, not another grim but realistic portrayal of working-class people.'

"Or worse still, it begins with the chinking of teaspoon on china, set amid an English lawn in summertime, and it's another period piece about people whose feelings aren't remotely their own.

"I don't understand the politics of the industry. To get money from the (UK) Film Council these days you've got to tick the boxes on social inclusiveness. They are so keen to be politically correct. The board is constantly striving to reach out to everyone instead of just funding the best British films."

A Film Council spokesman responds, "We are happy to support Stephen's Bright Young Things as we are Gurinder Chadha's BRIDE AND PREJUDICE and MIKE LEIGH's Vera Drake. The diversity of the film-making is one of the industry's great strengths."

19/10/2004 14:01