Stephen Dorff wants to settle down and have children.

The 'Somewhere' actor has curbed his partying ways and, now that he is 37, is ready to find a girlfriend and start a family.

He said: "I would like a family. You know, I'm not rolling out of nightclubs any more.

"I don't have a significant other and all my friends are getting older. I kind of want that for myself."

Though he has no children himself, Stephen bonded well with 12-year-old actress Elle Fanning when they worked together on 'Somewhere' and he admits he misses hanging out with the young star.

He added: "Elle is so smart and sweet. She just became my leading lady - I'd forget she was 12. I really missed her afterwards."

Stephen recently admitted he thinks Hollywood is fickle having seen a resurgence in popularity since he starred in 'Somewhere'.

He said: "It's just funny how fickle Hollywood is. Two years ago, I was losing all these parts to guys I won't mention.

"And now I'm getting all these parts. And 'Somewhere' hasn't even come out yet. It's very strange. But I've been doing this so long, it doesn't surprise me."