Stephen Dorff is convinced his late mother is smiling down on his new movie SOMEWHERE - because she always wanted the BACKBEAT star to play a moody, vulnerable character on the big screen.
Dorff's mother was tremendously proud of her son's career but she didn't care for his bad boy roles.
The movie star believes the lead role in Sofia Coppola's new movie was a gift from his mum - because she would have enjoyed his portrayal of an actor living with his daughter at Hollywood's fabled Chateau Marmont hotel.
He says, "I felt my mom through this role. My mom would always say, 'You got to be more like Steve MCQueen and play tough, flawed characters because that's a part of you, but you have a weakness and a vulnerability.'
"She kept saying, 'I don't want to run out of the screenings anymore because you scare me in those movies!' After she died I made a deal with my agent, saying 'I want to get back to the filmmakers. I don't just want to make money and do genre movies.'"
And Dorff will always be grateful to Coppola for giving him the chance to show off his vulnerable side.
He tells WENN, "After Public Enemies I probably would've stopped acting for a long time. I lost someone who meant a lot to me so I wasn't reading scripts and was in a really dark place. Then out of nowhere Sofia was like this butterfly who just dropped into my world and changed my life."