BACKBEAT stars Stephen Dorff and IAN HARTE and reuniting to bring the story of the Beatles' early years to the London stage.

The stars of the 1994 film recently got together for a read through of the new West End production, which is still classed as being in the "developmental stage" and is being co-produced by the movie's writer and director IAIN SOFTLEY.

Dorff, who played 'Fifth Beatle' STUART SUTCLIFFE, and Harte, who portrayed John Lennon, will be joined by Backbeat stars Gary Bakewell, CHRIS O'NEILL and SCOTT WILLIAMS - who make up the rest of the band as SIR PAUL McCARTNEY, George Harrison and Pete Best.

The film tells the story of the Beatles' early incarnation at the beginning of the sixties, when they honed their skills playing in Hamburg, Germany, nightclubs.

05/12/2003 13:54