The 27-year-old already has a cooking website, and has also made appearances on other Food Network shows, plus her CSN Bay Area cooking show.

The devoutly Christian mother has two children with her 28-year-old husband - considered to be the greatest shooter in NBA history - daughters Ryan and Riley.

She has a huge social media following, often posting hilarious Dub Smash videos with her husband.

According to, the Food Network has greenlit a cooking show for the accomplished mum called At Home With Ayesha as part of a push by the channel to incorporate more celebrities from outside the culinary world into its programming.

Ayesha started her cooking website Little Lights of Mine as she felt motherhood was a little bit looked down on and set out to make it look cooler.

“After having my daughter, I kind of made a career change, and so I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do where I could be home with her and still have something for myself,” Ayesha told website Hello Beautiful.

“My main reason for doing all of this is that I felt like at the time, being a mom and being a wife wasn’t considered cool and maybe it was a little bit looked down upon.”

Ayesha has also unwittingly become the poster child for a return to old-fashioned values, with website The Daily Beast described her as an "idealised, new age Stepford wife... attractive and respectable, doting on her husband while advocating for modest dress and 'classier' standards."