When Stephen Colbert was awarded an 'Honorary Woman' certificate by Arianna Huffington, little did the American public realise just how far that 'joke' might run. Of course, there was a serious message behind the award, as Huffington wished to thank the satirist, in his own little way, for the work that he does in trying to enlighten the American nation about the plight suffered by its lady-folk. After all, women's rights are so much easier to explain when they are explained by men.

When Maxim magazine published its annual 'Hot 100' list, though, it became apparent that Stephen Colbert had been accepted as an honorary woman to an extent that no one initially thought possible. As you scan down the list of the world's most beautiful women - based of course, on an entirely subjective and thoroughly mystical point-scoring system - there, at number 69 (what other number could they possible have chosen) was Mr. Stephen Colbert himself. The 69th hottest woman on the planet. Maxim explained his inclusion on the list by saying "Democracy isn't always pretty: Sometimes it's downright handsome. With a massive write-in vote campaign, the Colbert Nation proved they're not only loyal but also incredibly horny."

Arianna's own publication, the Huffington Post have commented on the tongue-in cheek appointment, by saying "Let it be known that this is the first time in history that we will applaud a man taking a role that rightfully belonged to a woman."