Stephen Belafonte wants to pretend 2017 ''doesn't exist'' after divorcing from Mel B.

The film producer and the former Spice Girl - who have six-year-old daughter Madison together - had a rough year after splitting in March last year and having their 10-year marriage officially dissolved in December, but 42-year-old Stephen is keen to put the past behind him as he focuses his efforts on making the most out of 2018.

When asked how his life has been in the wake of his split from Mel, he said: ''It's been good. I'm just doing my life. I had a divorce, it is what it is. My divorce is so 2017, it's 2018 now. I don't even talk about what happened last year any more. Last year for me doesn't exist. I don't have anything looming over my head, and I wish her all the best. I've never been a hater.''

Stephen and Mel, also 42, had been locked in a bitter court battle ever since their split after the 'Wannabe' singer accused her former spouse of being physically and emotionally abusive toward her.

And the producer insists that claims against him - which have since been dropped - pushed him to get involved with charity work as a ''form of therapy'', including handing out provisions to homeless people living in the Los Angeles district of Skid Row.

He said: ''As I complained about the lies that were being told about me, my friend said to me, 'Even though people will find the truth out later, here are people worse off than you.'

''That really struck a chord, and meeting and working with homeless people has been a form of therapy for me.''

Stephen also admits working with charities has helped put his life in ''perspective'', as he now values his family above all else.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror newspaper, he said: ''I believe in karma and I've always tried to help people less fortunate than me. Doing charity missions puts everything in perspective and makes me realise how important family is.''