Stephen Belafonte is seeking a restraining order against his ex-wife Mel B.

The movie producer has alleged that he is living in fear that Mel will pay someone to kill him or that she will have him thrown in jail because of her ''lies''.

In a new court filing, obtained by, Stephen said: ''I am in fear of what (Mel B) will do next and what additional harm she will continue to cause me. (She) will stop at nothing to try and destroy me.

''Given what has transpired so far in this case, I honestly and truly believe that (she) will make good on her threats and desire to see me dead or either set up and falsely imprisoned.''

Stephen claims an acquaintance he bumped in to named Derek Daniel told him that Mel had been ''essentially soliciting him or someone he knew to kill me or have me thrown in jail''.

He added: ''I truly believe (she) is mentally unstable and would try and pay someone to have me killed and/or pay someone to trump up false allegations against me and have me falsely imprisoned.

''(She) clearly has the financial ability to pay someone to try to physically harm me and/or set me up.

''I am in utter fear for my life and safety.''

Stephen has also alleged that his difficulties with Mel have caused his health to deteriorate.

He said: ''[She is on a campaign to] emotionally and psychologically abuse me, harass me, destroy me publicly and personally to the point where I have already been hospitalized twice due to my anxiety, stress and high blood pressure.

''(Her) conduct has led to me receiving death threats, threats of physical harm and has resulted in my inability to work in my field given the false allegations and lies (she) continues to perpetrate.''