LATEST: Actor Stephen Baldwin has defended his attack on U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama, accusing the Illinois senator of blocking a bill to protect unborn babies.
The Usual Suspects star, a strong supporter of Democrat Obama's Republican rival, Senator John MCCain, recently challenged Obama to a boxing match, claiming, "I'd like to knock some good sense into Barack," and dubbing him a "cultural terrorist".
Speaking on his BlogTalkRadio show on Saturday (18OCt08), the born again Christian re-issued his threat.
He said, "I was half joking. But it might be kind of fun to slap Barack around."
And he defended his use of the term "terrorist", accusing Obama of voting against a controversial proposal while in the Illinois Senate.
He added, "Here's why I think Barack Obama's a cultural terrorist: He is the only senator to vote against the Born-Alive Act. And here's his excuse: It shouldn't be a law because it could endanger the health of the mother. No other senator - Democrat or Republican - agrees with that. He's the only dude that says, if somebody goes to have an abortion late in the term of a pregnancy, Obama, says you should put it somewhere and let it just starve and die. Barack Obama saying that it's OK for that to happen is terrorism in my opinion."