Actor Stephen Baldwin has applied his born-again Christianity to every aspect of his life - including sex.

THE USUAL SUSPECTS star, who made turned his life over to God after the 11 September (01) terrorist attacks - much to the delight of his already-converted wife KENNYA - admits his bedroom activities have now become more of a spiritual experience.

He tells GQ magazine, "I'm trying to stay in tune with what the Holy Spirit wants me to do. Imagine, in your sexual experience, in visiting that spirit and power.

"Most people don't understand: Sex is supposed to be this way of saying thank you to God."

Baldwin admits his faith has also created a lot more security in his marriage.

He adds, "While having Chinese food last night, a women walked by the table, and I kind of giggled. And my wife said, 'Now I know your eyes are only on me.'

"That's a beautiful thing for a wife to say to a husband. Do I admire beauty still? Sure. But I don't allow myself to sin. It's a discipline."

28/10/2004 09:19