Born-again Christian Stephen Baldwin is launching his own ministry in 2007. The actor, who found religion in rehab after fighting substance abuse, is now determined to help give Christianity an improved image. He says, "I'm launching my own ministry next year called The Breakthrough Ministry that's gonna be an extreme sports tour to arenas around America." Baldwin is also planning a Christianity-charged US road trip, inspired by Matthew Mcconaughey's 2005 publicity trek across America in an Airstream trailer. He adds, "I've set up the Lord's Lounge; remember when Matthew MCConaughey promoted SAHARA, the movie, where he drove that Airstream across America. "I thought that was such a killer idea that I went out and made this truck, this custom vehicle that I shrink-wrapped with the cover of some of the books. "I drove it to New York, to Kentucky, to California, then down to Phoenix and back across to New York. I'm getting ready to go on my book (UNUSUAL SUSPECT) tour, starting on September 18. "The inside is like a custom-made replica of a 70s disco lounge with red shag carpeting and disco ball. It's gnarly. You got to check it out."