Movie star Stephen Baldwin has turned documentarian to chronicle the oil spill clean-up in the Gulf of Mexico.
The actor was in New Orleans, Louisiana to discuss an upcoming film project at the beginning of the month (May10), when a massive oil leak from the exploded Deepwater Horizon Rig near the Gulf Coast hit the headlines and became the major talking point throughout the state.
Baldwin immediately changed tact and began working on a film about the environmental disaster and its potential impact on New Orleans and the state of Louisiana.
He's now the brains behind new documentary The Will To Drill, a "non-partisan exploration of the events that transpired after the explosion of the off shore oil rig Deepwater Horizon and all that has transpired since."
Baldwin tells WENN, "In learning what the locals were going through, I immediately felt compelled to help and get involved in creating more awareness."
The Usual Suspects star has filmed interviews with local shrimpers, oystermen and fishermen, and has even Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, aboard a Black Hawk military helicopter with a contingency of other invited guests for a viewing of the marshlands damaged by the oil spill.
A spokesman for the actor says, "Stephen was overwhelmed by the amount of oil spanning out for miles over the surface of the Gulf of Mexico."
Baldwin also captured fellow movie star Kevin Costner's visit to the area. Costner jetted to Louisiana on Thursday (13May10) with his scientist brother Dan to demonstrate a new water-oil separation device.
The brothers set up Costner Industries Nevada Corporation (CINC), and have previously promoted a filtration system, designed by Dan Costner, to recycle oil.