Stephen Baldwin has come to the defence of his brother ALEC after a U.S. radio show host mocked the 30 ROCK star on air.
Broadcaster Sean Hannity, who previously fell out with Alec Baldwin in 2006, infuriated the star's younger brother Stephen on Tuesday (04Jan11) by reigniting the former feud on The Sean Hannity Show, which airs across the U.S.
A voiceover introduced Hannity as "Alec Baldwin's favorite radio talk-show host" and he played clips from Alec's infamous taped telephone rant at daughter Ireland.
And Stephen is fuming about the jibes, telling New York Post gossip column Page Six, "This behaviour by Hannity is the stupidity that people often refer to when they think of George W. Bush and Sarah Palin. If he needs to lower himself to petty stupidity, then he needs to get off the radio."