Stephanie Seymour divorce from husband PETER BRANT is no longer after the couple decided to get back together, reports OnTheRedCarpet. Stephanie Seymour's divorce from her billionaire husband has now been scrapped but the couple are continuing to live separately.
During an interview with Town & Country magazine, Seymour said a 'Navajo blanket' helped spur on a reconciliation between herself and Brant. The 42-year-old said she gave Brant his sentimental blanket back during divorce proceedings and the couple decided to patch things up. She reportedly told him, "Let's get rid of all of these people. I have more confidence in you, and I would hope that deep down you would have more confidence in me, that we can work this out". The couple are parents to two sons, 17-year-old Peter and 13-year-old Harry, as well as 6-year-old daughter Lily. Brant also has five children from previous marriages and Seymour has one.
Stephanie Seymour was previously married to the guitarist TOMMY ANDREWS but they divorced after just one year. She later began a relationship with the GUNS N' ROSES singer Axl Rose and appeared in two of the band's videos, including 'November Rain'.