Stephanie Pratt is set to launch her own fashion range in 2017.

The 30-year-old television personality - who is known for starring in the popular American reality show 'The Hills' - has admitted she is collaborating with a new brand, which she has yet to reveal, in the New Year to launch a new womenswear line under the label.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz about her plans for the future, the blonde beauty said: ''I just did an Autumn/Winter, I would say Fall because I'm American, but an Autumn/Winter campaign for Sister Glam, it's a boutique, that was really fun.

''And then I'm about to start designing my own range. It's with someone else it'll launch next year, so we started designing in November.

''It'll be everything, but just for women.''

And the 'Made In Chelsea' star has revealed she ''cannot wait'' to unveil her new project, because she plays a large role in the design element, which she has always wanted to ever since she went to University.

She added: ''I cannot wait.

''I just know that I get to design, which you know I went to University for so I'm really excited.''

Stephanie has revealed the forthcoming collection will be exclusive to the UK and not America because she lives in England permanently now, although she isn't sure if in time it will expand.

When asked if the brand will be a global phenomenon, she said: ''No its here, I live here.''

And Stephanie has revealed she will be focusing entirely on garments and accessories for ladies because she has ''no idea'' about menswear.

She explained: ''I have no idea about menswear. I'm just like surfer, t-shirt, jeans and converse for men.''