R+B singer Stephanie Mills is excitedly making a return to the music world with a new album, after a much-needed 10-year break.

The ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT singer, 46, releases BORN FOR THIS this month (OCT03) and is thrilled to be making a comeback.

She says, "When I stopped recording 10 years ago, I asked my manager to dissolve my contract with MCA because I didn't just want a break. I needed one.

"So with my time off, I just decided to do projects that I wanted to do rather than try to do work that would raise my profile professionally. I travelled with the plays CHILDREN OF EDEN and RAGTIME.

"But I'd have to say the best thing I did in that time was give birth to my son FARAD. I'm just happy he loves music, because he's around it all the time."

02/10/2003 21:29