Stephanie Beacham broke down in tears on 'Loose Women' on Thursday (26.04.18) as she recalled suffering a miscarriage at four months after being ''bashed'' in rehearsals.

The 'Dynasty' star was overcome with emotion on the lunch time chat show as she thought back to her tragic loss, which she believes was brought on when she was accidentally shoved, and shared the heartbreaking details with the nation.

She said as she sat down on the panel: ''It was horrible for everybody.

''Unfortunately I was bashed in a rehearsal, and that's what brought on the miscarriage. They are very emotional things. By that time [four months] you've almost decided the school. Between three and four months your filling up, you're making plans.''

The 71-year-old star underwent a procedure to remove the foetus from her body at the time but was horrified when she learnt her son's corpse would be thrown into an incinerator.

She explained: ''So when I'd had the procedure, because I had a miscarriage and I was in hospital, and I said, 'I want to know the sex'. It was a little boy.

''I said, 'May I see him?' And the nurse that was passing said, 'No they're thrown in the incinerator'. I watched the smoke as I left the hospital. Isn't that mad?''

Stephanie wishes there was more ''care'' taken when a woman miscarries because to her it was her little boy and she's never properly ''dealt'' with the pain of losing him.

She explained: ''It's a pain that [I've] never dealt with it. I do hope there is more care, I'm feeling trembly saying it now. But I hope there's more care taken. More acknowledgement, as far as the parents are concerned, that was a little boy. You have to put that in the past and then go on. I'm laughing simply because how horrid is that?'''

Stephanie has grown up children Phoebe and Chloe with her ex-husband John McEnery.