British actress Stephanie Beacham refuses to go under the knife to maintain her youthful looks - for fear of looking like comedienne Joan Rivers.
The Dynasty star defies her 62 years and is proud she has never succumbed to surgery - despite pals encouraging her to do so.
And Beacham confesses she only has to think of surgically-enhanced Rivers, 76, to keep herself ageing naturally.
She says, "A colleague recently had the audacity to say I needed some plastic surgery, and I looked in the mirror and I thought, 'Oh gosh maybe they're right.' But then I thought, 'No, that is not the way to go.'
"I am physically frightened at the thought of going under the knife and up to now have avoided anything like that including Botox. I know everybody does it but I do not believe in injecting poison into the body.
"I'm not anti-surgery but I would not like to end up looking like Faye Dunaway or Joan Rivers. What have they done to themselves? I believe you can look after yourself and age naturally with a good skincare routine, a healthy diet and active lifestyle."