Moviemaker Stephan Elliott inadvertently got his own back on paparazzi stalking Jessica Biel on the set of his English period comedy EASY VIRTUE - he urinated on one.
The Aussie director was filming in a Nottinghamshire field, miles from the nearest restroom when he was suddenly taken short.
He recalls, "We were shooting with Jessica and it would just have been so much of a hassle to walk all the way back to the loo, so I apologised to the cast and crew, made my excuses and wandered towards a nearby bush.
"I was relieving myself and I looked down and I realised I was p**sing on a photographer.
"Fortunately, he was too flustered and embarrassed to take a shot."
Elliott admits he'd never want to swap places with Biel or her boyfriend Justin Timberlake, who visited the set on a couple of occasions, because he couldn't deal with their level of fame.
The director adds, "We had paparazzi everywhere. These guys can't even fart without a camera being there. And there's not a lot you can do about it."