Alexander Skarsgard says his family taught him to be comfortable naked.

The 'True Blood' hunk has no problems stripping off for the HBO show about lusty vampires because he was surrounded by nudity from a very young age.

The Swedish star made the bizarre confession on US chat show 'Conan' that he never saw his father, fellow actor Stellan Skarsgaard, fully dressed until he was 14.

He said: ''I think I was 14 the first time I saw my dad wearing pants. When he wasn't at the theatre, he was home cooking or chilling ... with no clothes on.''

Alexander then went on to discuss the size of the ''stove'' in his dad's kitchen, joking, ''It's not that big, so it's fine. It's average, plus.''

The stud - who is rumoured to be dating 'Inception' actress Ellen Page - recently revealed his blood-sucking alter-ego, vampire sheriff Eric Northman, is set to get in touch with his dark side for the show's sixth series.

He told ''[Eric's] doing some evil stuff this year, some stuff that's not so nice. You'll see this season he's doing some pretty nasty stuff. It's not all good.''