Designer Stella Mccartney left locals on the Scottish island of Bute some sweet reminders of her star-studded wedding last Saturday (30AUG03).

The daughter of Paul McCartney wed magazine mogul ALASDHAIR WILLIS on the remote island, and locals were inconvenienced by staggering security and an influx of party-loving guests.

But Stella made sure she offered residents sufficient compensation - a profusion of white roses left over from the event have been handed out to householders nearby.

And the next guests to use the MOUNT STEWART venue won't be feeling the cold - Stella also left behind a vast stock of hot water bottles she'd purchased to ensure her guests stayed comfortable.

One insider says, "Just before the ceremony, Stella sent someone into the town of Rothesay to buy up the entire stock of hot water bottles."

03/09/2003 13:53