Stella Mccartney thinks she's designed a ''winning'' kit for Team GB's Olympics side.

The Fashion designer admits the sportswear is not a ''radical fashion statement'', but she still felt a ''weight of responsibility'' to ensure the uniforms were practical for athletes.

She said: ''Some people thought I would be way more radical and much more crazy. But in the end, I felt the weight of responsibility and took that really seriously. When an archer has spent years perfecting their technique, I am not going to screw that up by putting them in a batwing sleeve.

''It might not be a radical fashion statement, but it's a chic piece of kit that will make the team look like a winning side.''

The 40-year-old designer was ''surprised'' that some of the athletes worry their dress sense can affect their performance, but her main priority was to ensure they look and ''feel like a team''.

She added to Grazia magazine: ''I was surprised when a lot of them said they felt that looking good definitely affected their performance. Then there were others who said they didn't care what they looked like but wanted their kit to help them shave a fraction of a second of their time.

''But the priority they shared was they wanted to feel like a team, like members of a family. No matter where they were, they wanted to be easily identified as members of team GB.''