Stella Mccartney is "out of her comfort zone" creating outfits for British athletes at the London Olympics and Paralympics.

The designer is the creative director for Team GB at the 2012 games in the British capital and she admits working on the men's garments has been particularly challenging for her.

She said: "I love the opportunity to stretch that side of design. I love that you can have the language between the two worlds of technology and fashion, because I don't think that many designers get to do that.

"And you know what's quite funny? Doing the fittings for men. Quite out of my comfort zone! I'm like, 'Ooh, where do I look? What do I do now?' "

However, to keep fit herself Stella admits she does not have a regimented regime and likes to mix things up.

She added to British Vogue magazine: "I chop and change, I ride my bike, I work out, do a bit of, er, dance-y things. Last night I went for a run in the park."