Stella Mccartney says her new range of exercise clothes will give people what they need to perform when they work out.

The British designer has created another line for sportswear giants Adidas and is confident customers will be impressed.

She said: ''If you're wearing Stella McCartney Adidas, we'll take care of you; we'll make you look great. We'll give you all the technology you need to perform in your sport. We'll give you the correct coolness, the windshield. We'll think about the environment. We'll tick every box you want us to tick, all you have to do is the hard work.''

Although she lives in London, Stella says she has been inspired by Los Angeles because the people of the city have a very similar outlook to life as her.

She told The Hollywood Reporter: ''The Stella McCartney Adidas collection is just made to be in LA. We represent the L.A. kind of woman. We celebrate being outside - and you can be outside pretty much 24/7 on this side of the coast - and we're also looking at what's happening here in LA. It's so health driven, and it's a very holistic place to be and we identify with that as a house. That's kind of how I live my life.''

And like all of her collections, the new range is eco-friendly.

She revealed: ''Thirty-eight per cent of the pieces are sustainable, which is pretty unheard of in this kind of high-technology performance space.

''A lot of the knitted and woven pieces are great because they're not cut-and-sew - they're engineered - so they're really low waste.''