Stella Mccartney thinks the fashion world is finally embracing ethical practices.

The designer - who is a strict vegetarian and animal rights campaigner - has always used responsible production for her creations and now says everyone else is starting to follow suit.

She said: "I hope everyone else is catching up, but I'm also learning all the time, so I think I'm constantly changing and the brand is constantly changing. I think that's part of being a modern brand, you have to react to the environment you are living in, as much as the industry you are working in."

Despite a financial cloud still hanging over the world, Stella is excited about her future.

She said: "I think we're definitely hitting a really nice pace and it's really exciting. It feels like it's just about to take off, there is a lot of energy and a lot of positivity. It's like the timing is right for our brand.

"I've grown up, not only physically but also mentally. I think that there is a new woman that's also there, and I think that she has held the original girl's hand and walked her though life for a little bit."