Stella Mccartney used Guy Ritchie's The Punchbowl Band for her Paris fashion show.

The British fashion designer, who is best friends with the director's ex-wife Madonna, was so pleased with the reaction the crowd gave the group - who the filmmaker recently gave a record deal - at the stylish event, she has asked them to perform for her next season too.

A source told The Sun: "They were surprised to be asked considering the Guy connection and because Stella is such good friends with Madonna.

"But Stella thinks they are a great fit for her brand and didn't want to let her friendship with Madonna get in the way of having the best possible music for the show."

The Irish folk group - made up of Willy Barr, Brendan McAuley, Steve Mulhern and Daniel Gott - are the first signing to Guy Ritchie's new music label Punchbowl Records, named after his London bar The Punchbowl, where they perform regularly.

The source added: "It's a great boost for the band before the album is even out and they really enjoyed playing in totally different surroundings to those they are used to."

Stella is the second big named celebrity to endorse The Punchbowl Band - 'SexyBack' singer Justin Timberlake has previously performed with them.

He said: "Jamming with the guys was the best fun I have ever had without a woman."