Fashion designer Stella Mccartney has snubbed her father's offer to pay for her upcoming wedding - fuelling reports she's distancing herself from ex-BEATLES star SIR PAUL and new wife Heather Mills.

Stella recently shunned Sir Paul's birthday party because Heather had organised it and failed to turn up at a party celebrating the newlyweds' pregnancy announcement, and now she is refusing their help for her wedding to magazine publisher ALASDHAIR WILLIS.

According to Britain's THE DAILY MAIL newspaper, the musical legend told a friend this week (begs14JUL03), "Traditionally the bride's parents organise the wedding but Stella is a grown up with her own taste. She says she wants to do it all herself and she wants to do it her own way."

The friend adds of the hurt father, "Publicly he is telling people he is 'cool' about not being involved in Stella's wedding but it is obvious that he is hurt at her snub. It shows that once again he is no longer a massive part of her life.

"Of course he wants all his friends to see his daughter get married but it looks like she is snubbing them too."

20/07/2003 11:15