Paul McCartney's daughter reportedly drove her Mini Cooper into the back of the taxi as the driver, Arash Nabezadeh, slowed down in heavy evening traffic in Hammersmith, west London.

The driver began filming the damage so Stella got back into her car and reportedly fled the scene without giving her details and the driver continued to pursue her to the gates of her children's school to get her information, according to Britain's The Sun newspaper.

The designer's team have now issued an apology over the incident, claiming she panicked when he started filming.

“Ms MCCartney has never been in this type of incident before," her spokeswoman said. “She thought she had done the right thing... When the driver, with two passengers, started filming her she felt intimidated - particularly when she realised they had followed her to the kids’ school, still filming her.

“She accepts liability for the incident and is very apologetic for any issues that have arisen.”

In the statement, the representative added the 45-year-old thought the driver could make an insurance claim from her licence plate number, which she knew he had noted down.

According to the driver, Stella refused to give her name and insurance details when he pursued her, she accused him of harassment and insisted the collision caused no damage to his vehicle.

“Take what you need, this is not a problem! Just do what you need, sir," she reportedly said in video footage. “You don’t have to film me! I will give you my licence plate."

She eventually took his phone number and her husband Alasdhair called him the following day to pass on their insurance details.

According to U.K. law, motorists must stop at the scene if damage has been caused and pass on their name, address and licence plate number or report it to the police within seven days.