Stella Mccartney's new flagship store is inspired by her childhood in Scotland.

The 36-year-old fashion designer turned to her upbringing at High Park Farm in Campbeltown as her main source inspiration when it came to deciding on the interior for her new shop in Old Bond Street, which is decorated with huge rocks covered in moss and thyme.

Speaking at the launch - opened with the help of Kate Moss and Kylie Minogue - Stella said, according to the Scottish Daily Record newspaper: ''As you walk in you get living plants and you get rocks partially from the farm that I grew up in Scotland.

''We brought nature into the space which for me is just so exciting.''

Stella - who's the daughter of the famous Beatles star Sir Paul McCartney - opened up about her early years in Scotland, revealing how it inspired her to become a vegetarian and have a fashion brand that is committed to having ethical and environmentally-friendly clothing.

She shared: ''I grew up on an organic farm, not eating animals, and that was crazy in that day and age. I'd sit at dinner parties, and people would get upset at even the thought that I was a vegetarian.''

Stella also previously spoke about missing the privacy that came with living in a remote three-bedroom farmhouse.

She said: ''I grew up in the country, and I like being isolated.

''We were literally in the middle of nowhere. It was very 'Wuthering Heights'-y. So I did respond to the landscape here because it's hard to find remote in this day and age.''