Fashion designer Stella Mccartney is the latest celebrity to become a devotee of Kabbalah, after being introduced to the mystical faith by pal Madonna.

The daughter of former BEATLE Sir Paul McCartney has been photographed wearing the red string bracelet which followers believe protect them from evil spirits.

A source says, "Stella has been feeling a bit low recently and Madonna has convinced her that this will really help.

"She has made rather a large loss for GUCCI in her first year and her designs have been heavily criticised.

"She is also hoping it will help her to conceive a child. Madonna has been using Kabbalah teaching to try and have a baby and she has told Stella that it can really help her.

"Stella will soon be ready to have children and she believes she will need as much help as possible."

Madonna has also recently recruited pop star Britney Spears to the faith.

15/10/2003 13:41