Fashion guru Stella Mccartney engaged in a ferocious slanging match with concerned sister MARY on Friday night (16JAN04) - over her wild partying ways.

According to onlookers at Kate Moss's glitzy 30th birthday bash, trouble flared up between the pair around 3am when photographer Mary became worried that her sister was drinking too heavily.

But rather than being touched by her older sibling's concern, 32-year-old Stella exploded at Mary, 34, and accused her of being "old" and "boring".

A source says, "Stella was really enjoying herself, albeit a bit too much in her older sister's eyes. She was knocking back the champagne as if it was going out of fashion and looked well-plastered.

"Mary suddenly got hold of her arm and dragged her into the toilet. The door slammed and then all of a sudden you could hear them both screaming at each other.

"They were having a right ding-dong and it went on for nearly quarter of an hour. Mary then stormed out of the loo and they didn't talk to each other for the rest of the night."

Stella and Mary are the children of Sir Paul McCartney and his late wife LINDA.

19/01/2004 01:48